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How many passengers can a charter bus accommodate?

Feb 14, 2023 / 05:00 AM

How many passengers can a charter bus accommodate?

The most commonly presented charter bus sizes in the US are 56-Passenger, 36-Passenger, 28-Passenger, and 24-Passenger. Plus some tiny buses of various sizes for smaller groups of passengers. These are the basic sizes used by every corporation specializing in charter bus services in the United States.

In this article, we will only discuss the largest sizes of charter buses that you can find, because small charter buses come in completely different sizes and in all sorts of modifications, which essentially means that buses of less than 30 passengers can be found in every conceivable amount of seats.

To grasp the full range of dimensions readily available from corporations providing charter bus services, it is enough to simply look at the sizes of buses in the model range of every entity that manufactures charter buses from which charter bus carriers buy their vehicles to form the fleet.

The main charter bus brands in the United States are Prevost, Van Hool, MCI, Setra, and Volvo.

Here are the maximum capacities for some of the popular brands:

  1. Prevost: Prevost is known for producing luxury coaches with large capacities, ranging from 44 to 56 seats, with some capable models accommodating up to 61 passengers.
  2. Van Hool: Van Hool NV crafts a collection of bus designs, boasting seating capacities from 40 to a spacious 61. Their grandest models can comfortably seat a remarkable 72 travelers.
  3. MCI: MCI (Motor Coach Industries) presents an array of coach variations, boasting a spectrum of seating capacities from 47 to 56. Their grandest models can comfortably host up to 61 people.
  4. Setra: Setra produces a range of coaches boasting passenger-carrying capacities between 45 and 55 individuals. Their largest models can comfortably host a remarkable 63 individuals.
  5. Volvo: Volvo offers a range of bus models with capacities ranging from 45 to 55 seats. Some of their larger models can accommodate up to 61 passengers.

In reality, when booking a bus charter, you will rarely find a charter bus with more than 56 seats. Yes, there are charter buses for 61 passengers, but these are really very rare specimens and they are not available everywhere, which means that when booking a charter bus in your city, the probability that you will meet a charter bus with a capacity of more than 56 passengers is very low. You can try and I bet no one will offer you a bus with more than 56 seats.

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