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Discovering the Convenience of Busmanity

Busmanity is a premier nationwide charter bus and party bus rental service that boasts a fleet of over 4000 vehicles located in every state across the US, ensuring full coverage of the nation.

The company offers a diverse range of vehicles for charter, including motor coaches, minibusses, party buses, school buses, and trolleys.

A Wide Range of Trip and Event Options:

Embark on day trips filled with adventure — attend sporting events, visit museums and historical sites, enjoy concerts and Broadway shows, go shopping or gambling, attend festivals and rallies.

Celebrate life's milestones with style — weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, engagements.

Strengthen your faith through community service — mission trips, choir tours, youth group outings, and more.

Maximize productivity at work — conferences, seminars, team-building exercises, training, corporate activities, and other sessions.

Bring families together — family reunions, picnics, destination trips, day and overnight outings.

Education made exciting — school field trips, athletic competitions, prom, after-parties, graduations, class and club outings, and cultural and artistic events.

Get your game on — professional and college sporting events, and more.

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