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Up to $240,000
a year for each of your vehicles

Partner with us and get bookings in your area. Use a fully automated step-by-step interface in your account to publish vehicles completely by yourself.

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Have Questions? Give Us A Call

We accept calls 24/7. Please notice that we do not provide technical support via this phone number, it's for consulting purposes only.

Customizable service areas

Use our drawing tool to mark your service area on a map and the system will only show your vehicles in search results if the customer's addresses and route are within the specified area. Add vehicles to each service area.

Nationwide coverage

The geography of the platform's capabilities is absolutely not limited to any particular city or even country. The service is currently operating in the United States and Canada. And this is just the beginning.

Pricing formula variables

Our algorithm calculates the cost of the trip, taking into account the following variables: price per hour, distance, the minimum number of hours, night rate, start and end time of night rate, Friday Rate, Saturday Rate, Sunday Rate, free miles (included in the price per hour), extra miles price, holiday rates, costs from/to the garage.

Mileage from/to base

Our algorithm can add into the cost of the trip the path of the vehicle from the home station to the passenger pick-up point and from the drop-off point back to the parking lot. This option can be turned on or off in the price settings in your personal account.


After the customer pays for their booking, you will receive an email notification and you will have 8 hours to accept the order. After this period, the reservation will be automatically canceled and the money will be returned to the payer.

Prepaid orders only

You won't be bothered by people who are not real customers. You will be sent details of already paid trips only. Optionally, you can also post a phone number to receive calls.

Request new features

If the existing functionality is not enough for you to work comfortably and fully automate your bookings, you can leave a request for free directly in your personal account and developers will consider the possibility of improvements. This is very important to us and we really listen to your comments.

Transaction-based rating

Build your business reputation by making more and more successful trips and receiving reviews that can only be posted by those who paid for their trips through our system. This method of collecting reviews is the most trustworthy because of its attachment exclusively to transactions.

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